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Ozempic: What Everybody Should Know

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Ozempic is an injectable that has semaglutide as its active component. Semaglutide is a weight loss medication that works well. In the UK, this is known as the "Wegovy" brand.

  • Ozmepic's UK equivalent for weight loss is called Wegovy
  • Mounjaro is more effective
  • Ozempic/Wegovy: average body weight decrease of about 15%

What is Ozempic?

Ozempic is a medication administered via injection that is prescribed for managing type 2 diabetes. It aids in lowering elevated blood sugar levels, thereby mitigating the likelihood of diabetic complications such as heart disease and heart attacks.

The medication comprises semaglutide, a GLP-1 analog, and is administered every week. The dosage is incrementally adjusted throughout 4 to 8 weeks until a stable maintenance dose is achieved.

  • Alternative weight loss treatments in UK

While Ozempic lacks a license for weight reduction, the UK does have licenses for alternative weight loss injections. Saxenda functions similarly for weight loss and has an active component that is similar (from the same class of medication). The same active component is included in Weogvy, albeit at a different dosage. 

The regulators have certified them as effective injections for weight loss. Currently, Saxenda is available through private prescriptions, and Wegovy was released in early 2022.

Orlistat is another medication approved for weight loss in the UK. Taken orally with a large meal up to three times a day in a capsule. To lower your calorie consumption, orlistat works by lowering the amount of fat your body absorbs from food.

It can be purchased over-the-counter under the Alli and Orlos brands. There's also a brand called Xenical that may be purchased with a prescription.

Can you buy Ozempic for weight loss in the UK?

While Ozempic is not authorized for weight loss in the UK, a similar medication known as Wegovy can be purchased online from Ashcroft Pharmacy.

Wegovy, which contains the active ingredient Semaglutide, is specifically licensed for weight loss in the UK and can be titrated up to 2.4mg, offering more significant weight loss potential compared to Ozempic, which only titrates to 2mg.

Released in mid-2023, Wegovy shares the same active ingredient as Ozempic but is tailored for weight loss and provides easier administration of the recommended dosages for optimal results.

Saxenda, another medication in the same class, is also a GLP-1 agonist and aids in appetite suppression. While Ozempic may not be available for purchase, Wegovy is the recommended option for weight loss purposes.

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How to use Ozempic

Choose a site (body part) where Ozempic can be injected: select the Abdomen, Upper Arms, or Upper Legs.

Follow your doctor's instructions when taking Ozempic. There will be a pamphlet accompanying your medication that provides you with additional usage instructions.

Take Ozempic once a week, as recommended. Every week, try to take it on the same day and at the same time. You don't have to worry about scheduling it around meals; you can take it whenever it's convenient for you.

Ozempic dose for reducing weight

Ozempic is typically prescribed in three doses: 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, and 1 mg, when used for weight loss.

  • for the first four weeks, 0.25 mg
  • 0.5 mg throughout weeks 5 through 8 
  • 1 mg starting in week 9

If Ozempic isn't working at 1 mg, your doctor may occasionally increase your dosage to 2 mg.

When Ozempic is used to lower blood sugar in individuals with type 2 diabetes, the dosage is the same. The sole distinction is that, in most cases, they stop at 0.5 mg and only go to 1 or 2 mg if the lesser doses are ineffective.

Foods to stay away from when taking Ozempic

There are no foods that you absolutely must avoid. Ozempic is safe to take with or without meals because it doesn't react to any food.

However, it's crucial to keep in mind that Ozempic won't aid in weight loss unless you also stick to a healthy diet. Additionally, certain Ozempic side effects may become more severe or frequent with a poor diet.

Reduce the following to maximize Ozempic's effects:

  • sugary meals and beverages
  • foods heavy in fat
  • meals high in calories, such as processed red meats and refined carbs
Ozempic and alcohol

While alcohol and your Ozempic won't directly interact, it's still a good idea to limit your intake because they can both lower blood sugar levels. Additionally, while drinking on Ozempic, be mindful of any dizziness.

Because alcohol contains calories and encourages overeating, it can exacerbate diabetes and make weight loss more difficult.

Extended usage: Is it necessary to be on Ozempic forever?

Long-term use of Ozempic is possible. Long-term use is acceptable as long as it's helping, you're not experiencing any negative side effects, and if you're using it to lose weight, you're still overweight. Your physician can advise you on whether to continue taking Ozempic or when to stop.

Your weight, blood sugar level, and diabetic symptoms will determine how long you must continue taking Ozempic. If you can stop using Ozempic, your doctor can assist you in doing so. Discuss treatment options with your doctor if you're not happy with Ozempic.

Reviews of Ozempic

Patients who have taken Ozempic themselves have left positive reviews. There are several websites where patients can rank, review, and discuss the experiences they had while taking different medications.

Ozempic reviews on several patient review websites indicate that it is ranked as follows:

  • 5.6 out of 10 on for diabetes.
  • rates weight loss at 3.5 out of 10.
  • users rate all treatments with 3.7 out of 5 stars.
Reviews on Ozempic side effects

Ozempic has an average rating: 2.6* (434 total) for side effects on

Nausea is the most frequent side effect of Ozempic, affecting slightly more than 15% of users on the 1 mg dosage. Other typical adverse effects consist of:

  • 9.2% likelihood of vomiting
  • 8.8% chance of diarrhoea 
  • 5.3% chance of constipation

Studies about how effective is Ozempic for weight loss

According to research on semaglutide, the active component of Ozempic, information gleaned from the Electronic Medicines Compendium reveals that Ozempic comes with the following:

  • a 45% possibility of shedding at least five pounds
  • a 17% likelihood of reducing weight by at least 10%
Who is not supposed to use Ozempic?

Those who are allergic to semaglutide or any of the medication's other ingredients should not use Ozempic. Additionally, Ozempic should not be used by anyone whose therapy has not been authorized by a physician.

Before prescribing Ozempic, a physician must determine whether it is the proper medication for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Ozempic

Does Ozempic help people lose weight?

Ozempic is limited to use as a type 2 diabetes medication in the United Kingdom. It is used to lower the risk of complications from diabetes and regulate blood glucose levels.

Nonetheless, there is proof that it can be effective as a weight-loss medication, and in the UK, certain private weight-loss clinics do recommend Ozempic.

Because it is being prescribed for weight loss even though it is not licensed as a weight loss medication, this practice is known as "off-label" prescribing.

Is Ozempic allowed?

Ozempic is a licensed and completely approved medication in the United Kingdom. But as of right now, it isn't licensed as a weight-loss medication; instead, it is only approved as a treatment for type 2 diabetes.

It may be prescribed by some private weight loss clinics; this is termed "off-label" prescribing, and it is lawful. This occurs when a medication is prescribed that is not authorized.

When purchasing Ozempic online, be sure the vendor is a licensed and controlled online pharmacy in the United Kingdom. 

Swap Ozempic with Wegovy

You can directly transition from Ozempic to Wegovy if you're already taking it for weight loss. For instance, you can get 1 mg of Wegovy instead of 1 mg of Ozempic.

You can increase your dosage of Wegovy to 2.4 mg if you are currently taking 2 mg of Ozempic. Simply fill out our online assessment and provide our prescribers entire access to your Ozempic history.

Then, with our GPs' assistance, you can safely transition to Wegovy. Unless you are raising your dose, you shouldn't have any additional adverse effects because it is the same medication.

Does Ozempic tire you out?

One of the negative effects of Ozempic is fatigue. Up to 11% of users may experience it. It might also be an indication of low blood sugar, which is a dangerous Ozempic adverse effect. See your doctor if you're experiencing fatigue while taking Ozempic; they can examine you and provide guidance.

How long does Ozempic stay in your system?

It may take up to five weeks for Ozempic to fully leave your system after you stop taking it. Individual differences may apply, and since Ozempic levels are continuously decreasing during this time, any adverse effects you may be experiencing may go away sooner rather than later.

Is Ozempic a type of insulin?

Insulin is not what the Ozempic pen is, despite being used to treat type 2 diabetes. Diabetes type 1 patients benefit greatly from insulin therapy, and type 2 diabetics occasionally utilize it as well. Blood sugar levels are only lowered with Ozempic when they are abnormally elevated.

Does Ozempic lessen hunger?

Diminished appetite is one of Ozempic's typical negative effects. As a side effect, it can also cause weight reduction, which is why some doctors would recommend Ozempic to patients looking to lose weight.

Other medications that function similarly include Saxenda and Wegovy. These are approved weight-loss remedies that aid in appetite control and promote weight loss.

Is Ozempic safe to use if you don't have diabetes?

If you do not have diabetes, Ozempic can be used for weight loss; however, it can only be prescribed off-label in this manner. You would need to receive this treatment privately because the NHS does not prescribe Ozempic in this manner. For weight loss, doctors can delegate Wegovy and Saxenda.

What does Ozempic do to your face?

You might lose facial fat if you reduce weight with Ozempic. This could temporarily make the skin on your face a little looser, which could make more wrinkles develop. Ozempic may also result in a rash that develops on your face while you are receiving treatment.

Can joint discomfort be caused by Ozempic?

No. Ozempic is not known to cause joint discomfort as a side effect. If you experience joint discomfort while taking Ozempic, there's probably a more plausible cause.

As you continue taking Ozempic, consult your physician so they can assist you in determining the cause of your joint pain.

For how long can Ozempic be left unrefrigerated?

It is good for up to 56 days after the initial use. It must be chilled between 2°C and 8°C before being used for the first time. Even if you remove it from the refrigerator before using it, it still needs to be thrown out after 56 days.

Ozempic: the final word on losing weight

Ozempic can be given for weight loss in the UK, as this article discusses, however not all doctors will prescribe it because of its high cost.

In the UK, there are substitute medicines for losing weight such as Wegovy, Saxenda, and Orlistat. If you have diabetes, you should discuss Ozempic with your doctor to see if it's an appropriate option for you.