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Dovobet Gel & Ointment

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  • Medication features

    Treats Psoriasis Vulgaris

    Dovobet Gel and Ointment are prescribed for psoriasis: Both forms are used to treat mild to moderate plaque psoriasis, with the gel specifically for the scalp and the ointment for other body areas. Applying just once a day can ease irritation, reduce inflammation, and soothe dry, flaky skin.


    • Clears skin and no psoriasis symptoms
    • Relieves itching and discomfort
    • Reduces inflammation and redness
    • Softens and improves the appearance of dry, flaky skin


    • Apply once a day to ease symptoms
    • Over 80% success rate in clinical trials for plaque psoriasis
    • Most effective for mild to moderate psoriasis
    • May be less effective for severe cases or other types of psoriasis

    Onset duration:

    • Typically 2-4 weeks
    • Most patients see obvious results after 2 weeks
    • Starts to lessen scales and reduce redness within the first 48-72 hrs.
    • Individual responses can vary

    Registered UK Pharmacy Number: 1039428


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Buy Dovobet Gel and Ointment Online in the UK

Dovobet Gel and Ointment are prescription medications commonly used to treat mild to moderate plaque psoriasis (psoriasis vulgaris).

Dovobet is a topical medication applied directly to the affected areas of the skin at least once a day. It works by reducing inflammation and slowing skin cell growth, providing relief from itching and irritation, and soothing the dry, flaky skin associated with psoriasis.

Research findings:

Studies have shown Dovobet is a highly effective treatment for psoriasis, with success rates ranging from 60% to 80% in clinical trials.

You may start seeing significant results within 2-4 weeks, though some might notice improvement sooner. However, they have different uses and formulations.

It comes in two forms, Gel and Ointment: Dovobet Gel is specifically formulated for scalp psoriasis, while Dovobet Ointment is used for other body areas affected by plaque psoriasis.

Dovobet Gel:

  • Used for: Scalp psoriasis in adults.
  • Benefits: Reduces inflammation, slows skin cell growth, alleviates itching and dryness.
  • Formulation: Gel-based, easier to apply to the scalp and hair-covered areas.

Dovobet Ointment:

  • Used for: Plaque psoriasis on the skin of other parts of the body in adults
  • Benefits: Similar to gel, but may be more effective for thicker psoriasis plaques
  • Formulation: Ointment-based, thicker, and more occlusive, may be more suitable for dry or cracked skin.

What should I expect when I use Dovobet?

When you use Dovobet, it's important to have realistic expectations and understand potential side effects. Here's what you can expect:

Possible improvements:
  • Reduced redness, scaling, and thickness of psoriasis plaques: This is the main goal of Dovobet. You may see improvement within 2-4 weeks, but it can take up to 8 weeks for the full effect.
  • Soothed itching and discomfort: Dovobet helps reduce inflammation, which can alleviate itching and burning associated with psoriasis.
Other things to expect:
  • No immediate cure: Dovobet manages psoriasis symptoms, but it doesn't cure the condition. You'll likely need to use it long-term, potentially with breaks or in combination with other treatments.
  • Gradual improvement: Don't expect overnight results. Be patient and consistent with your treatment plan.
  • Not everyone responds the same: Individual responses to Dovobet can vary. Some people see significant improvement, while others may experience limited benefits.

How Does Dovobet Work?

Dovobet, also known as Taclonex in some regions, is a combination medication used to treat psoriasis. It combines two active ingredients:

  1. Betamethasone dipropionate (a stronger corticosteroid than betamethasone valerate)
  2. Calcipotriol (Vitamin D)

Dovobet Gel and Ointment treat psoriasis through a dual action formula:

Normalizing Skin Cell Growth: Calcipotriol, a synthetic form of Vitamin D, regulates the skin cell growth cycle, slowing down the overproduction that leads to scaling and thickening in psoriasis.

Reducing Inflammation: Betamethasone dipropionate, a type of corticosteroid, targets inflammatory pathways, relieving itching, redness, and discomfort associated with psoriasis.

This combined action:

  • Helps manage psoriasis symptoms effectively.
  • Improves the appearance of the skin.
  • Dovobet Gel is specifically formulated for the scalp, while Dovobet Ointment is for other body areas.
About Psoriasis

Psoriasis: Red, scaly patches caused by an autoimmune attack on the skin. Common on elbows, knees, scalp, and lower back, but can appear anywhere (including nails and genitals).

Beyond the Skin: While the most visible symptom is the skin patches, psoriasis can also cause joint pain and stiffness (psoriatic arthritis) and significantly impact emotional well-being.

Psoriasis Causes: Normally, skin cells regenerate every 3-4 weeks. In psoriasis, this process speeds up to 3-7 days, resulting in a buildup of dead skin cells forming the characteristic patches.

Living with Psoriasis: Although there's no cure, various treatments can effectively manage symptoms and improve quality of life. These include topical creams like Dovobet, light therapy, systemic medications, and biologics targeting specific immune pathways.

Dovobet: A topical medication containing calcipotriol and betamethasone, Dovobet helps slow skin cell growth and reduce inflammation, offering relief for many psoriasis patients.

Remember: Psoriasis is not contagious and doesn't define you. Numerous resources and support groups are available to help you manage the condition and live a fulfilling life.

Dovobet Gel and Breastfeeding

Dovobet Gel and Ointment are generally considered safe for use while breastfeeding. However, it's important to discuss it with your doctor first:

Calcipotriol, one of its active ingredients, is not excreted in breast milk. Betamethasone, the other active ingredient, may pass into breast milk in small amounts, but the risk to infants is considered low.

However, consult your doctor before using Dovobet Gel while breastfeeding. They can assess your situation and discuss potential benefits and risks. Additionally, never apply Dovobet Gel to your breasts, regardless of the form (gel or ointment).

Alternatives to Dovobet

Dovobet is a strong medication for psoriasis, requiring a prescription from a healthcare professional. Before considering Dovobet, you might try over-the-counter psoriasis treatments, such as:

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Options:

Moisturizers: Look for fragrance-free, oil-based formulas to hydrate and soothe dryness and flakiness

Coal tar products: Consider shampoos, ointments, or creams containing coal tar, but be aware of the potential for staining and odor.

Salicylic acid: Lotions and ointments with low concentrations of salicylic acid can gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

  • Dermalex Psoriasis Cream: A steroid-free option for mild to moderate plaque psoriasis
  • Exorex Lotion: Made with coal tar, it's suitable for mild to moderate flare-ups of psoriasis
  • E45 Psoriasis Cream: Hydrates and regenerates skin to reduce scaling and itching.
Alternative Prescription Medications for Psoriasis:

If one or more over-the-counter options don't work or if your condition is severe, prescription alternatives are available:

  • Topical corticosteroids: Creams and ointments containing mild to moderate-strength steroids can reduce inflammation and itching.
  • Vitamin D analogues: Topical medications like calcipotriol (Dovonex) slow down skin cell growth and are available in various strengths and formulations.
  • Combination medications: Medications combining steroids with vitamin D analogues, like Dovobet, can offer more effectiveness but require careful application and monitoring.
  • Light therapy: Ultraviolet light therapy at home or in a doctor's office can be beneficial for some individuals.
  • Systemic medications: Oral or injected medications may be prescribed for moderate to severe psoriasis, but come with potential side effects.


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How to use Dovobet?

  • Combination therapy: Dovobet is often used in combination with other treatments like moisturizers, light therapy, or systemic medications for better results.
  • Long-term use: Dovobet can be used long-term to manage psoriasis, but it's essential to follow your doctor's instructions and monitor for any side effects.
  • Regular follow-up: Regular visits with your doctor are crucial to assess your progress and adjust your treatment plan as needed.

How to apply Dovobet Gel:

  • Comb your hair and remove any scales from the scalp
  • Check the seal on the bottle before use
  • Squeeze a small amount onto a clean finger
  • Apply it to the affected scalp area, ensuring it doesn't reach your face
  • Rub it in until nearly absorbed, then wash your hands

Wait a few hours before washing your hair, leaving shampoo in for a few minutes before washing. Consider applying it before bed for overnight treatment.

How to apply Dovobet Ointment:

  • Check the seal
  • Apply a small amount to the affected body area with a clean finger
  • Rub it in until a thin layer remains or it's fully absorbed
  • Wash your hands afterward and allow time for absorption before bathing or showering


Dosage and application

The correct dosage and application method for Dovobet can vary depending on several factors, including the severity of your psoriasis, the affected area, and your individual medical history. Only a doctor or dermatologist can assess your specific needs and provide tailored instructions.

For Dovobet Gel:

  • Apply once a day
  • Use 1g to 4g on the scalp
  • On other body parts, don't use more than 15g per day or cover more than 30% of your total body surface

For Dovobet Ointment:

  • Also, Apply once a day
  • Use 1g to 4g on the scalp
  • Don't exceed 15g for the entire body


Dovobet Warnings ⚠️

  • Food Warning: None
  • Pregnancy Warning: Do not use
  • Alcohol Warning: None


  • Who can use Dovobet?

    Dovobet is mainly prescribed to individuals over 18 years old who have plaque psoriasis requiring treatment. The recommended treatment duration is usually 4-8 weeks, applying Dovobet once daily to the affected skin.

  • How long do you have to leave Dovobet on?

    For best results with Daivobet gel, apply a thin layer to the affected areas on your scalp, gently rub it in, and then leave it on. You can leave it on overnight or throughout the day before washing it out. No need to wash your hair before applying Dovobet gel.

  • Who should NOT take Dovobet?

    DO NOT Use Dovobet if:

    • You are under 18 years old
    • You're allergic to betamethasone, calcipotriol, or any ingredients in Dovobet
    • You have severe kidney or liver dysfunction
    • You have a condition related to calcium metabolism
    • You have certain skin conditions like perioral dermatitis, ichthyosis, acne, or rosacea
    • You have severe types of psoriasis (pustular, guttate, erythrodermic, or exfoliative)
    • You have viral infections such as chickenpox, herpes, or vaccinia
    • You have fragile veins, stretch marks, or thin skin
    • You have skin conditions associated with syphilis or tuberculosis lesions
    • You have skin lesions around the eyes
    • Avoid applying Dovobet near or around your eyes
  • What is the difference between Enstilar and dovobet?

    Enstilar is a foam medication containing both calcipotriene and betamethasone dipropionate. It's approved for treating psoriasis vulgaris in adults. On the other hand, Dovobet Gel is the standard treatment for mild to moderate psoriasis, containing betamethasone dipropionate and calcipotriol.

    They work similarly: Calcipotriol, a type of Vitamin D, helps control skin cell overactivity, while betamethasone dipropionate, a corticosteroid, reduces redness, swelling, itching, and irritation of the skin.

    Active ingredients:

    • Dovobet: Contains calcipotriol (vitamin D analogue) and betamethasone dipropionate (a corticosteroid).
      Enstilar: Contains calcipotriene and betamethasone dipropionate.


    • Dovobet: Available as gel and ointment
    • Enstilar: Available as foam only


    • Dovobet: Gel is applied to the scalp, while the ointment is applied to the body. Requires rubbing into the affected area.
    • Enstilar: Foam is applied directly to the affected area, including the scalp. Easier to spread and doesn't require rubbing.

    Possible benefits:

    • Dovobet: Offers faster initial relief due to the presence of a steroid (betamethasone)
    • Enstilar: This May be preferred for those with sensitive skin or who cannot use steroids. Its foam formulation offers easier application, particularly for hairy areas like the scalp.

    Potential drawbacks:

    • Dovobet: Long-term use of steroids can have side effects, such as skin thinning. Not suitable for use on the face or genitals.
    • Enstilar: May take longer to show results compared to Dovobet.

Side Effects

Potential side effects:

  • Mild skin irritation: This is common, especially at the beginning of treatment. It usually subsides with continued use.
  • Skin thinning: Long-term use of Dovobet can thin the skin, especially in sensitive areas. Inform your doctor if you notice any thinning.
  • Striae (stretch marks): Dovobet use, particularly on large areas, can increase the risk of stretch marks

Other side effects: Less common side effects include skin burning, redness, worsening psoriasis, adrenal suppression (with prolonged use), and allergic reactions. Stop using Dovobet and consult your doctor if you experience any severe side effects.


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Dovobet Reviews: Effectiveness and User Experiences

Many users online share their experiences with Dovobet Gel and Ointment for managing psoriasis.

Dovobet Gel:

Praised for:

  • Thinness and easier application compared to ointment
  • Fast absorption and perceived quick results
  • Effectiveness for some users who hadn't found success with other treatments

Potential downsides: Some users find it greasy on the scalp, affecting hair feel and appearance.

Dovobet Ointment:

  • Positive feedback: Reportedly delivers noticeable results within days for some users
  • Some users experience symptom return upon stopping the medication
  • Points to consider: Individual needs and responses vary Consulting a doctor is crucial.


Dovobet receives positive reviews from many users with psoriasis, highlighting its perceived effectiveness and ease of use.

However, it's essential to remember that individual experiences differ, and potential side effects or downsides exist. Always consult a doctor for diagnosis, personalized treatment advice, and guidance regarding Dovobet's suitability for you.

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