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Lymecycline 408mg Capsules

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    Lymecycline, a powerful antibiotic, is effective at lower doses due to superior solubility and absorption, ensuring consistent effectiveness in the body. Mainly used to treat facial spots (acne). NOT recommended for pregnant women.

    • Proven efficacy against redness and inflammation of the skin
    • Lymecycline is an antibiotic used to treat symptoms of Acne
    • Usually taken once a day
    • Typically prescribed for 8 weeks at a time
    • Available as a 408mg capsule
    • Generic Tetralysal
    • Patient Leaflet

    Registered UK Pharmacy Number 1039428

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Buy Lymecycline Capsules (antibiotic) Online For Acne

Lymecycline is a prescription-only antibiotic medication used to treat acne. It works by reducing the acne causing bacteria, resulting in reduced acne symptoms such as inflammation, blackheads and whiteheads, commonly known as pimples or spots.

Lymecycline 408mg (generic) and tetralysal 300mg (branded) are the same strength, both contain 300mg of the active ingredient, lymecycline.

Speciality of Lymecycline 408mg capsules

Lymecycline is a powerful antibiotic. It dissolves easily in the body (approximately 5,000 times more soluble than tetracycline base), needing less medicine for the same effect.

This efficiency allows a lower dose, making it unique. The standard 408 mg dose equals 300 mg of another antibiotic.

What is Lymecycline used for?

Lymecycline, similar to other tetracyclines (antibiotic), used to treat different type of infections. It's especially used to treat acne (such as, mild to moderate, hormonal, cystic, and back acne) when other options fail.

This antibiotic can also be used to treat chest and sinus infections, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and infections in or around the mouth.

Doctors often prescribe it for 8-12 weeks. If acne doesn't improve after 3 months, they might suggest trying a different treatment.

How and when to take Lymecycline for acne?

Take one capsule once daily with a glass of water, usually in the morning - swallow the capsule whole, do not break or chew the capsule.

It can be taken with or without food, however there is less risk of feeling nauseous if taken with food. Complete the full course of treatment to ensure the problem does not come back, even if you start to feel better.

How long does it take to work?

The standard treatment duration is 3 months, or up to 6 months if acne isn't fully cleared, followed by a 3-month break. If there's no improvement after 8 weeks, consult your GP or dermatologist.

For treating acne, it's not recommended to use oral antibiotics like lymecycline continuously for more than 6 months. Taking them for too long can make them less effective due to antibiotic resistance.

After 3-6 months, take a break for 3 months. If acne comes back, you can start the treatment again.

Who can NOT take Tetralysal?

Do not take Tetralysal if:

  • You are allergic to lymecycline or other tetracycline antibiotics like doxycycline, or any listed ingredients.
  • You've had kidney disease before.
  • You are pregnant, planning pregnancy, or breastfeeding.

DO NOT take it simultaneously with medicines containing oral retinoids, used for acne treatment.
For full instruction please read the leaflet carefully before you start taking this medicine.

Alternative acne treatments

While taking lymecycline, continue using topical peeling and anti-inflammatory preparations like benzoyl peroxide, Differin, or Epiduo.

This combined approach is more effective, reducing antibiotic resistance. Although oral antibiotics like lymecycline may be more effective than topical treatments, if topicals work well, switching may not be necessary.

Other oral antibiotics for acne include clarithromycin, erythromycin, and trimethoprim. Minocycline, once used, is now rare due to potential liver damage. The combined contraceptive pill can effectively treat acne in women.

For severe, scarring, or distressing acne, a dermatologist may prescribe Roaccutane (isotretinoin) capsule treatment.

How can I achieve the best results?

To achieve the best results, follow your prescribed treatment consistently, incorporate healthy skincare practices, and communicate any concerns with your healthcare provider.

Lymecycline is effective, but results may take time, so continue treatment for at least 8 weeks. It works even better when combined with topical treatments—creams or gels applied directly to the skin. This combined approach enhances effectiveness for better outcomes in managing skin conditions.

Patient Information Leaflet (from EMC):

NameMr Suhail Jamil
RoleSuperintendent Pharmacist
GPhc Number2069518



⚠️ Avoid taking Lymecycline within 2 hours of certain medications, like quinapril (for high blood pressure), indigestion tablets, or those containing calcium, aluminium, magnesium, zinc, or iron.

Refer to the patient information leaflet for details on other interacting medicines.

How to store Tetralysal?

  1. Keep it out of sight and reach of children.
  2. Do not use it after the expiry date mentioned on the carton (last day of that month).
  3. Store it below 25°C.
  4. Keep it in the original container.

DO NOT dispose of it in wastewater or household waste. Consult your pharmacist for proper disposal to protect the environment.


⚠️ Remember, this medication is generally prescribed for you individually. Please do not share it with others, even if their symptoms are similar to yours.

Sharing medication can be dangerous due to different allergies, medication interactions, and dosages.

Warnings and Precautions for Tetralysal:

Consultation Needed:

  • Before taking Tetralysal, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

Medical Conditions:

  • Inform your doctor if you have liver or kidney issues, or conditions like lupus or Myasthenia Gravis.

Overdose Caution:

  • Overdosing may lead to liver problems.

Sun Exposure Advisory:

  • Avoid direct sunlight or sunbeds; if skin discomfort occurs, stop the medicine and consult your doctor.

Check Expiry Date:

  • Do not use if expired; expired Tetralysal can cause kidney disorders.

Secondary Infections:

  • Like other antibiotics, tetracycline may cause secondary bacterial or fungal infections (thrush).

Prolonged Treatment Monitoring:

If you undergo extended periods of Tetralysal treatment, your doctor will recommend routine monitoring of your blood composition, as well as checks on liver and kidney function.

Regular medical assessments help ensure your well-being during prolonged medication use.

Safe Consumption:

Take the medicine with enough water to prevent irritation or ulceration of the esophagus (a muscular tube transporting food and liquids from the throat to the stomach).


  • What happens when you stop taking Lymecycline?

    Stopping your treatment early may lead to the return of your problem. It's important to complete the prescribed course. If your acne has not improved, another course of treatment may be prescribed.

  • What is the difference between Tetralysal and Lymecycline?

    Tetralysal is the branded version of Lymecycline. Both contain the same active ingredient, lymecycline. Lymecycline 408mg (generic) and tetralysal 300mg (branded) are the same strength, both contain 300mg of the active ingredient.

  • What should I do if I forget to take a dose?

    Take it as soon as you remember, unless it is nearly time for the next dose. In this case skip the dose, do not double the dose of lymecycline as a makeup for the missed dose.

  • How long you will have to take Tetralysal?

    The duration of Tetralysal treatment depends on how quickly your condition gets better. For acne, it typically lasts at least 8 weeks.

  • If you or someone else takes too many Lymecycline capsules?

    If you or someone else takes too many Tetralysal capsules, contact your doctor or go to the nearest hospital. Bring the container with you to help medical staff understand how many capsules were consumed.

Side Effects

Like any medicine, lymecycline may cause some side effects, but they rarely require stopping the treatment. These can include heartburn, indigestion (especially if taken at night), and occasionally a flare-up of thrush in some women.

The common side effects of lymecycline:

  • Feeling sick
  • A headache
  • Diarrhoea
  • Stomach ache

If you begin to experience any of the following symptoms, stop the treatment and consult your doctor:

  • Skin sensitivity to the sun
  • Pale faeces with dark pee, yellow skin or the whites of your eyes turn yellow (this can be a sign of problems with the liver)
  • Signs of an allergic reaction such as swelling of the tongue, difficulty breathing and hives


Patient Information Leaflet

Lymecycline 408mg capsules full specifications

Medicine nameLymecycline 408mg
Medicine typeAntibiotic
Works byStopping the growth of bacteria that contribute to acne
Active Ingredient408 mg Lymecycline (= 300 mg tetracycline)
Generic nameLymecycline
Brand nameTetralysal®
ManufacturerGalderma Laboratories
Marketing Authorisation HolderGalderma (UK) Limited
Lymecycline Lowest price in UK £13.99



Lymecycline/Tetralysal contains the active substance lymecycline, with each capsule containing 408mg of lymecycline.

The other components include magnesium stearate and colloidal hydrated silica. The capsule shells are made of gelatin and include titanium dioxide (E171), erythrosine (E127), quinoline yellow (E104), and indigotine (E132).


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