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Coryen Nasal Spray

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  • Medication features

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    Consider Avamys as an alternative.
    Hay Fever & Allergies
    • Treats seasonal allergic rhinitis or hay fever
    • One bottle holds 120 sprays
    • Contains Fluticasone furoate
    • Corticosteroids /steroid nasal spray
    • Generic version of Avamys Nasal Spray


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    Registered UK Pharmacy Number 1039428

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What is Coryen?

Coryen, a steroid nasal spray, is used to treat hay fever, allergic rhinitis, and allergy-related symptoms. Fluticasone furoate, a member of the corticosteroid drug family, is its active component. It is available at Ashcroft pharmacy.

How does Coryen nasal spray work?

The primary ingredient in Coryen spray, fluticasone furoate, acts on nasal cells that react to allergens. It is possible to regulate symptoms like streaming, running, and sneezing by inhibiting these cells.

How to use Coryen nasal spray?

how to use coryen nasal spray

Take off the cap and give the bottle a gentle shake.

  • Gently blow out your nose, then use your finger to seal one nostril
  • With the bottle upright, gently insert the nozzle into your other nostril while bending your head slightly forward
  • Breathe in slowly through your nose, then use your fingers to press down on the nozzle's widest area to release one spray shot into your nostril
  • Exhale via your mouth.
  • To spritz another spray (if necessary) into the same nostril, repeat steps 3 and 4 and follow the instructions
  • If necessary, repeat the procedure with the opposite nostril.

Replace the cap after applying the spray and use a fresh tissue to wipe the nozzle.

How long should I use Coryen for?

Verify the information booklet that comes with the medication if you purchase Coryen nasal spray from a store or pharmacy. This will indicate ideally how long you should use it.

  • Don't use it for longer than a month without consulting a physician.

You might be advised to use fluticasone nasal spray for a longer period of time if your doctor recommends it.

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Coryen Nasal Spray Dosage

Typically, you should use the nasal spray once or twice daily.

You'll be able to use your nasal spray less frequently once your symptoms are under control. For instance, you may switch from using two sprays twice a day to just one spray.


  • Who can use it?

    Fluticasone nasal spray is safe for most individuals (18 years of age and older).

  • Who should not use Coryen nasal spray?

    For some people, fluticasone is not safe. To ensure that the nasal spray is safe to use for you, let your physician or pharmacist know if you:

    • have ever experienced a negative reaction to any medication, including fluticasone
    • currently use, or have recently used, other steroid medications
    • having undergone nose surgery
    • have a nasal infection.
  • Coryen nasal spray price in the UK


    1 bottle of Coryen nasal spray (120 sprays per bottle) retails for £12.35.

  • Can I buy Coryen online in the UK?

    Yes, you can buy Coryen online at Ashcroft Pharmacy.

  • Does Coryen have an alternative?

    Avamys nasal spray is an alternative to Coryen nasal spray. Both are used to treat the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Both contain the same active ingredient : fluticasone.

  • Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, & Fertility Risks

    You can use Coryen nasal spray both during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

    The medication enters your bloodstream in small amounts and nearly never reaches your unborn child. It cannot harm the baby even if a tiny amount ends up in their system.

    Fluticasone nasal spray does not appear to lower fertility in either men or women, according to available research.

Side Effects

Coryen steroid nasal spray side effects

Although they are rare, side effects are possible with Coryen. Among them are:

  • Nosebleeds
  • headaches
  • blood, ulceration in the nose
  • ache, burning, Itching in the nose
  • discharge, inflammation of the nose
  • discomfort, soreness, dryness in the nose

If you experinece any other unfavourable reaction from using the product, discontinue the treatment and speak to your doctor.

If you suspect any of the following side effects after using fluticasone furoate nasal spray, see a doctor right away:

  • Heart pounding
  • elevated blood pressure
  • nasal septum rupture
  • breathlessness
  • fungus-related illness
  • reduced adrenal activity
  • extreme liver damage
  • Anaphylaxis
  • swelling
  • A skin allergy
  • trouble breathing
  • blurred or impaired vision


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