Weight Loss Injections - What You Should Know Before Use Ashcroft Pharmacy

Weight Loss Injections - What You Should Know Before Use

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Weight Loss Pens Online

You can buy Mounjaro or Wegovy  weight loss injections online in the UK from a licensed online Pharmacy. Saxenda has been discontinued in the UK since Wegovy is a more effective treatment, both made by Novo Nordisk. Complete an online consultation, and our doctor will review and prescribe the medication if appropriate, with delivery to your door by our UK-registered pharmacy.

Weight Loss Pens and Injections

Weight loss pens and injections are essentially the same thing. Both deliver medications for weight management through injection, typically using a pre-filled pen for convenient under-the-skin (subcutaneous) administration. This method ensures the medication reaches the bloodstream quickly and effectively.

Mounjaro, Wegovy, and Saxenda are all examples of weight loss pills. There are several different injection pens used for weight loss in the UK, also known as weight loss pens or injectable pens for weight loss.

These injections are a relatively new type of treatment, having only been in use for around four or five years in the UK.

The first well-known treatment, Saxenda, was released in the UK in 2020. Several other options have emerged since then. The following is a summary of the main weight loss injections currently available in the UK:

  1. Mounjaro
  2. Wegovy
  3. Saxenda

These injections are used as part of a long-term weight loss goal, you can use the weight loss injections with a healthy diet and exercise to attain the right weight.

Popular Weight Loss Injections in the UK

There are several  weight loss injections available in the UK.the include:

  • Mounjaro
  • Wegovy
  • Saxenda
  • Ozempic

Mounjaro Weight Loss Injection

Mounjaro also called Mounjaro Kwikpen (multi-dose version) is the most recent weight loss injection in the UK (In January 2024). It's highly recommended for people with a BMI of over 30 and those with a weight loss condition.

If you have a BMI of over 30, you are likely to have high excess sugar in your body that is converted into fats. Mounjaro weight loss injection helps prevent the conversion of excess sugar into fat.

Mounjaro is also recommended for people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol type 2 diabetes, and obstructive sleep apnoea.

Mounjaro contains an active ingredient known as Tirzepatide, which works the same as the natural GLP-1 hormone in your gut.GLP-1 hormone in your body controls hunger by reducing your appetite and helping you feel a bit satisfied.

The GLP-1 drug is recommended for people who have tried workouts and dieting but still haven't lost weight. Mounjaro is the most effective GLP -1 treatment that helps you lose 20% of your initial weight once you complete the treatment.

Mounjaro weight loss injection pen is available in 2 doses, where the lowest dose starts from 2.5mg to a higher dose of 15mg. You are supposed to start with the lowest treatment and increase the dose with time. When you maintain a 10mg dose of Mounjaro you will lose approximately 19% of your weight.

Below is a schedule on how you should take the Mounjaro dose. Learn More about Mounjaro weight loss injection.

Number of weeks Amount of dose per week
1-4Take 2.5mg once in a week
5-8Take 5mg once in a week
9-12Take 7.5mg once in a week
13-16Take 10mg once in a week
17-20Take 12.5mg once in a week
21 onwardsTake 15mg once in a week

Mounjaro Price in the UK

The prices of Mounjaro vary depending on the amount you want to purchase. Below are the prices of Mounjaro weight loss shots in the UK.

The cost of Mounjaro in the UK starts from £149 per month. Please see our pricing table below for a full breakdown of Mounjaro prices.

You can buy Mounjaro weight loss injections online for £149 (in-stock) from our UK-licensed Ashcroft Pharmacy. We offer the lowest prices, fast UK delivery, and free consultation.

Mounjaro dose Prices
1 pen of 2.5mg£149
1 pen of 5mg£149
1 pen of 7.5mg£199
1 pen of 10mg£225
1 pen of 12.5mg£245
1 pen of 15mg£245
2 pen of 2.5mg+5mg£298
2 pen of 10mg£435
3 pen of 10mg£630
2 pen of 15mg£480
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Wegovy Weight Loss Injection

Wegovy (semaglutide) is an injectable weight loss treatment available in the UK for people with obesity or excess weight and weight-related conditions, which helps you lose 15% of your weight by the end of the treatment course.

The weight loss shot contains an active ingredient known as Semaglutide, it controls your ability to get hungry therefore regulating your calorie consumption. Wegovy starts from a dose of 0.25mg,0.5mg,1mg,1.7mg to 2.4mg.

Wegovy should be injected once per week in various body areas such as the abdomen, thigh, or upper arm. It's packed with an injectable pen that you inject under (subcutaneously) the fat of your skin.

You should take the treatment simultaneously every day with or without meals. You begin by taking 0.25mg of Wegovy once for 4 weeks, then slowly increase the dose up to a maintenance dose of 2.4mg from week 17 onwards.

You should not take Wegovy for weight loss or any purpose, if you are planning to get pregnant, pregnant, or a breastfeeding mother. If you are planning to get pregnant you should stop taking the fat loss injection 2 months before.

Wegovy injection can affect the fetus and also penetrate through breastfeeding milk. it has mild side effects such as headache and nausea; very few people have reported severe side effects.

Wegovy Price in the UK

While the exact cost of Wegovy can vary depending on factors like dosage and pharmacy, 1 pen of Wegovy can last for a month and its price starts from £130 at Ashcroft Pharmacy UK.

How can i buy Wegovy? You can buy Wegovy weight management injection online for £149 (in stock) from our UK-licensed Ashcroft Pharmacy. We offer the lowest prices, fast UK delivery, and free consultation.

Learn More about Wegovy weight loss injections

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Ozempic Injection

Important Note: Ozempic is not currently licensed as a weight loss treatment in the UK. It's primarily used to manage type 2 diabetes. However, it can lead to weight loss as a side effect due to its impact on appetite regulation.

Ozempic is a treatment primarily used to treat type 2 diabetes but also can be used as a weight loss injection.  It's not approved as a weight loss medication in the UK, however, it contains Semaglutide, an active ingredient that controls your appetite.

Ozempic is used by Diabetic patients to decrease high blood sugar levels thus protecting them from heart attack. Ozempic weight loss shot starts from a dose of 0.25mg,0.5mg,1mg, to 2mg dose.


Saxenda is a weight loss treatment with an active ingredient known as Liraglutide. Liraglutide belongs to the GLP-1 class of drugs.

Saxenda suppresses your appetite by making you feel fuller thus regulating your calorie intake. Unlike other weight loss shots, Saxenda is taken daily. Below is a schedule on how you should take Saxenda.

Week Dose 
Week 10.6mg daily
Week 21.2mg daily
Week 31.8mg daily
Week 42.4mg daily
Week 53.0mg daily 


Wegovy vs Mounjaro

Mounjaro is an approved injectable appetite suppressant pen recommended for people with type 2 diabetes to help in managing their blood sugar levels while Wegovy is a long-term approved treatment for weight management.

People with obesity and high blood pressure are highly recommended to use Wegovy injection. It contains an active ingredient known as Semaglutide while Mounjaro contains an active ingredient known as Tirzepatide.

Mounjaro is not recommended for children while Wegovy can be used by children who are 12 years and above.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best injection for weight loss?

Mounjaroo weight loss injection is the best injection for weight loss. You will be able to lose at least 20% of your weight by the end of your entire dose.

Are weight loss injections safe?

Weight loss shots are safe when used correctly. You may experience mild side effects that disappear on your own, however, be aware of serious side effects.

Examples of the serious side effects include increased heart rate, kidney injury, pancreatic disease, and gallbladder problems.

Can I get injections to lose weight?

Yes, you can get injections to lose weight in Ashcroft Pharmacy. We have a variety of weight loss injections purposed for helping you lose weight. You are expected to take an online doctor assessment from our website. Once your assessment is reviewed, our qualified pharmacists recommend the right weight-loss injection.

Can children use Mounjaro to lose weight?

Mounjaro shots should not be used by children and adults below 18 years. Also if are allergic to any of Mounjaro's ingredients consult a doctor before use.

How effective are fat loss injections?

Fat loss injections help in reducing fat, however, they should be used alongside a healthy lifestyle.

When should you consider losing weight?

Once you hit a BMI above 25, you should consider losing weight.

Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight

one of the lifestyle changes that can help you lose weight include: eating less processed food, avoiding saturated fats, and exercising.

What are the health benefits of weight loss?

Losing weight protects you from risk factors such as high blood pressure and heart attack. Losing weight gives you comfortable mobility and boosts your confidence.

Which alternative should you use other than weight loss injections?

Weight loss pills are the best alternative for weight management.

Is weight loss surgery safe? 

Weight loss surgery is safe, however, you should discuss with your doctor on applicable type of surgery for you.

What are the risks of obesity?

Obesity can lead you to risks such as cancer of the colon, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

Can I get treated with Wegovy on the NHS?

You can get treated with Wegovy on the NHS if you have a BMI below 35 and have weight-related health conditions.

How can I get treated with Wegovy on the NHS?

You might be able to get treated with Wegovy on the NHS in the UK, but it depends on a few factors:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI):  Generally, the NHS requires a BMI of 35 or above for Wegovy.
  • Weight-related health conditions: Having a weight-related health condition like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or sleep apnea strengthens your case for coverage.
  • Other factors: Your doctor may consider additional factors like your medical history and the success of previous weight loss attempts.


  • Wegovy supplies might be limited in some areas.
  • Access can vary depending on your location and individual circumstances.

what you can do: Consult your doctor,  they can assess your individual situation and determine if you meet the NHS eligibility criteria for Wegovy.

NHS resources: The NHS website may have the latest information on weight management medications and their coverage: https://www.england.nhs.uk/digital-weight-management/

Can I get treated with Mounjaro on the NHS?

You can get treated with Mounjaro on the NHS if you have a BMI below 35 and have weight-related health conditions.


Mounjaro, Saxenda, Wegovy, and Ozempic are weight loss injections that work by controlling hunger. Mounjaro is best for people who want to lose 20% weight upon dose completion.

Ozempic shots are recommended for Diabetic patients and help them regulate their weight. Wagovy and Saxenda have mild side effects and are good for monitoring your weight. Weight loss pens and injections should be used alongside the diet plan. low-calorie intake and exercise.

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