How to purchase medicines safely online

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Online pharmacies have been around for quite some time now but with the global Covid-19 pandemic more and more people have started to use these services.

Most people can visit an online pharmacy to purchase general sales medicines such as paracetamol for headaches without being asked any questions which is quite safe to do so. However with more and more online pharmacies offering a private prescription service for a vast variety of medicines such as sildenafil (Viagra) for erectile dysfunction, levonorgestrel (levonelle) for emergency contraception or even Norethisterone for period delay things can be a bit more complicated.

In this article I would like to raise awareness of how to purchase medicines online safely using a private prescription online service.


Ashcroft Online Pharmacy

All pharmacies should be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council to provide pharmacy services. A logo is normally on the website which should direct you to the General Pharmaceutical Council website. Here you can see the name, address and the website associated with it. 

A prescriber or Doctor is also involved in assessing the suitability for any private prescription medication. Both prescribers and Doctors should have relevant qualifications to be able to provide you with a prescription safely. You can use the General Pharmaceutical Council website to check the status of any pharmacist prescriber or the General Medical Council to check the status of a Doctor. 

Lastly be sure to check the medicine you receive looks how it should. Check for the expiry date, check the packaging it should have no spelling errors, faded boxes or any other anomaly which looks out of place.

At Ashcroft Pharmacy we strive to provide a safe and effective private prescription service. If you have any questions, please do Contact Us.