Period Delay Treatment. Is it safe?

Is Delaying Your Period Safe?

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You could wish to postpone your period because it hurts, you're going on vacation, or you have a big event coming up. You can delay, skip, or even halt your periods in a variety of ways.

You might be concerned about the influence on your normal menstrual cycle if you want to delay your period. We're here to provide you with the guidance and support you require.

How to delay your period

You can postpone your period in a variety of ways. These are some of them:

  • Norethisterone is a prescription medication used to delay your period
  • Using a contraceptive tablet that contains both oestrogen and progesterone

The phasic contraceptive pill and progestogen-only pill (mini pill) are two further options for delaying your period, however their effects on periods are vary.

You might be unsure how to take period delay medicine and how safe each approach is. We'll walk you through it in the sections below. So, if you're interested in learning more, keep reading.


Norethisterone period delay tablets are a prescription drug that can be used to postpone your menstruation for up to 17 days. A progestogen is something like Norethisterone. It works by maintaining your progestogen levels artificially. This prevents your uterine lining from shedding and delays your menstruation. It can be obtained through your doctor, or you can use our online period delay consultation to get it.

Because some women are sensitive to Norethisterone, it's crucial to consult your doctor before beginning. Our experts will make sure Norethisterone is safe for you if you request it.

Please keep in mind that Norethisterone is not a form of contraception.

Combination pill

You can take two packets of the combination contraceptive pill back-to-back with most brands. You should avoid the withdrawal bleed in that week if you avoid the 7-day hiatus. For further information, see the contraceptive pill and period delay.

Taking two packets of the combination pill back to back keeps your oestrogen and progestogen levels high in your body. This keeps the lining of your womb from shedding. Your hormone levels will drop when you finish the second pack, and you will experience withdrawal symptoms.

Is it safe to use the combination contraceptive pill to postpone my period?

Taking two packs back-to-back is safe. Some women take three packets in a row before taking a four- or seven-day hiatus. Some ladies do not take a break from taking the combination pill. If you use the pill on a regular basis, you may experience breakthrough bleeding or spotting.

Microgynon, Rigevidon, and Yasmin are among the brands of combination contraceptive pills that can be taken in this method. However, if you use phasic tablets to delay your period, you should speak with your doctor first (see below).
See our online clinic for more information on the various brands of the combination contraceptive pill.

Phasic tablets

Each pill in a phasic combination contraceptive pill has a varying amount of hormones. You can use this drug to delay your period, but it's not as simple as taking two packs back-to-back. It's advisable to consult with your doctor on the best course of action.

Is it safe to use a phasic tablet to postpone my period?

If you've been prescribed a phasic pill brand, speak with your doctor before attempting to postpone your period.

Progestogen-only pill (mini pill)

Periods will get lighter and eventually stop for some women who use the tiny pill. In fact, about two out of every ten women who take the mini pill will experience no bleeding, four out of ten will experience regular bleeding, and four out of ten will experience irregular bleeding. So, if you're taking the small tablet, it's difficult to say whether or not your period will be delayed before you try it.

Is it safe to never have periods when on the mini pill?

There's no need to be concerned if you've noticed that your periods have ceased after taking the small tablet. Periods will halt for a specific number of women while on the tiny pill.