3 Ways to Avoid Your Period During Vacation (Without Stress)

Period Delay for Travel | What You Need to Know

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How can you delay your period on vacation

A holiday vacation is important at least once a year. Since the holiday days are mostly limited according to your work contract, you would love to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Don't let your periods interfere with your holiday vacation. Prioritizing some of the strategies discussed in this blog will help you enjoy your vacation.

In this blog, you will understand how your period works, a few methods you can use to delay your periods, and lastly how to manage your periods while on vacation.

How does your period work?

It's important first to understand what period is. When does the period occur? And what causes period?

Period is the monthly release of blood and tissue from your uterus through your vagina. The menstrual period occurs during puberty and ends during menopause.

A young girl is likely to have her first period at 10-15 years, however, your period doesn't need to start when you are 10-15 years, since periods can vary from one person to another.

There are 2 hormones (chemical messengers) that cause the period to occur: Progesterone and Oestrogen hormones. 

The pituitary gland in the brain releases luteinizing hormone(LH) and Follicle-stimulating hormone(FSH)  responsible for ovulation.

LH and FSH signal your ovaries to produce estrogen na progesterone hormones. These hormones cause your uterus to thicken.

The uterus thickens in readiness for an egg to attach to it and start developing. If there is no fertilized egg, the lining of the uterus, breaks down and sheds blood and tissue.

The shedding of blood and tissue is known as a menstrual period. The period occurs after every 28 days and stays for 4 to 5 days.

Periods that occur every month are known as regular periods while those that can occur once in a while are said to be irregular periods.

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Control your periods using period delay tablets

Period Delay Tablets Norethisterone 5mg is the most effective treatment recommended for your vacation. Norethisterone medicine imitates the progesterone hormone.

Naturally, the progesterone hormones should decrease during your periods to enhance the shedding of the uterine wall.

Norethisterone increases the levels of your progesterone hormone during your periods therefore delaying the shedding of the uterine wall.

Norethisterone is proven to delay your periods for up to 17 days. To experience the effectiveness of this medicine you should take the first table 3 days before your period, followed by on tablet 3 times a day for a maximum of 20 days.

Once you stop using Norethisterone period delay tablets, you will get your periods after 3 days. Ensure to get the period delay tablets from a reliable and licensed pharmacy, We Ashcroft Pharmacy give you an online assessment that enables us to issue you a safe-to-use period delay treatment.

You should have your normal periods after the first period occurs when you stop taking Norethisterone medicine. If you fail to have your periods after stopping your treatment, visit your healthcare provider for a check-up.

Norethistrone is not recommended for people with blood clots, or pregnant and breastfeeding women. Remember to consult your GP if you are taking period delay tablets for the first time.

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Control your periods using contraceptive pill

According to the NHS, it's possible to control your periods when you take combined contraceptive pills back to back.

The combined contraceptive pill contains artificial estrogen and progesterone. The contraceptive pill maintains high levels of estrogen and progesterone.

The increase and decrease of the hormones are the one that causes your period. The contraceptive pill works by preventing the rise and fall of the progesterone and estrogen hormones.

You should take the combined pill for 21 days then take a 7-day break. The 7-day break acts as the days when you are having your periods. Taking the contraceptive pill back to back doesn't affect the way it works as a contraceptive.

While taking the contraceptive pill back to back you may experience side effects such as headaches, breast tenderness, and nausea.

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Plan to manage your period

A week before the departure, plan on how to cope with your periods during the vacation. There are some things you will need to consider to make your holiday a success.

First track your monthly periods with a period tracker app. A period tracker app will provide the dates when your period is likely to occur.

However, due to traveling stress, you should be aware that your period may arrive either 2 days late or earlier.

Secondly, plan on your dress code. Don't miss your swimming sessions, horse riding, golf classes, or playing in the sand in worry that your period might leak. Get some period pants and period swimwear to stay confident and fully enjoy your vacation.

Also, pack your hygiene products. Pack enough hygiene products such as sanitary towels, tampons, and menstrual cups to cover your holiday session.

Sometimes you might be travelling to an area that doesn't sell your type of hygiene products, so ensure to pack enough before departure.

Lastly, avoid stress. Stress can disrupt your menstrual cycle. Stress can cause hormonal imbalance that results in irregular or absent periods. Take enough rest before the week of your vacation and outsource extra tasks.


You are not limited to saving for your next vacation. Period delay tablets, combined contraceptive pills, and planning for periods before departure are some of the ways you can still enjoy your vacation.

Planning for the next summer vacation? Visit Ashcroft Pharmacy to get the right period delay tablets and combined contraceptive pills to stay armed.


How long can you go without having your periods, after taking period delay tablets?

Period delay tablets such as Norethisterone delay your periods for a maximum of 17 days.

Can Norethisterone be used as a contraceptive pill?

Norethisterone cannot be used as a contraceptive pill. You will still get pregnant when using Norethisterone. It's recommended that you use contraceptive measures to avoid getting pregnant. Get reliable Contraceptive pills from Ashcroft pharmacy.

Can I use period delay tablets for other purposes other than holiday vacation?

Yes, you can use period delay tablets for other purposes where you don't need any interference. Such as, you may need to delay your period during hajj and umrah, sporting activities, and when running an abusive work contract.

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