The impact of lifestyle choices on erectile dysfunction: Diet, exercise, and more

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Changes in nutrition, exercise, smoking, and alcohol intake can lower the chance of developing ED-causing diseases such obesity and cardiovascular disease. They may also assist you in improving your general health and managing your stress levels, which may contribute to a healthy sexual life.

The following healthy lifestyle choices may help you control ED:

  • exercising on a regular basis
  • maintaining a healthy weight, eating a diverse and nutritious diet, minimising alcohol intake, and abstaining from cigarette use
  • enjoying non-sexual personal moments with a partner

Several researches have established a connection between ED and nutrition. In 2018, Trusted Source released a review that concluded: 

  • ED is less likely in people who eat a Mediterranean diet
  • Overweight or obese patients with ED benefit from losing weight
  • People who eat a "western diet" may have worse semen quality


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Erectile dysfunction sufferers must consume certain nutrients.

Fruits for erectile dysfunction

Certain fruits can aid in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Here's what's going on and why: 

  • Citrus fruits and berries: Flavonoids have been shown to increase endothelial function and blood pressure, which may protect erectile function. Flavonoids are abundant in citrus fruits and berries such as blueberries, raspberries, lemons, oranges, and pink grapefruit. Including these fruits in your diet can aid in the treatment of ED

  • Watermelon: According to current research, watermelon is useful in managing this illness. Watermelon is high in citrulline, an amino acid that relaxes and dilates blood vessels in the same way as Viagra does. Perhaps therefore watermelon is referred to as a "natural Viagra"!

Erectile dysfunction nuts

Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and cashews are high in arginine, vitamin E, zinc, folic acid, and fibre, all which aid in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in different ways. However, because these nuts are heavy in calories, limit yourself to a handful each day. You may eat them as a snack with your tea or add them to your fruit salad.

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Vegetables for erectile dysfunction

A few veggies can assist improve the status of this illness, including:

  • Green leafy veggies: All green leafy vegetables are high in folic acid, including spinach, mustard greens, fenugreek leaves, beetroot greens, and broccoli. According to certain studies, folic acid deficiency may be related to the severity of erectile dysfunction. Add leafy green vegetables to your diet to maintain a healthy amount of this vitamin

  • Ginger: Consuming ginger promotes blood circulation in the body, particularly blood flow to the penile muscles. Ginger aids in erection maintenance by warming the body and increasing blood flow. Half a teaspoon of ginger juice mixed with honey is the finest method to consume ginger. Alternatively, you may use it in chutney, pickle, or curry

  • Carrots include beta-carotene and antioxidants, which enhance blood flow in the penal region during sexual contact. As a result, it can be a beneficial meal to include in the diet of an ED patient. This cuisine may be added to a salad, soup, curry, pie, or used to make a handmade dessert

  • Garlic: Garlic is not only wonderful for your health, but it also increases your sexual urge. This is because garlic contains allicin, a chemical that stimulates blood flow to the sexual organs in both men and women. However, it does not function overnight. You will need to consume garlic on a regular basis. You can chew up to two garlic cloves every day or fry them in ghee and eat them on an empty stomach every morning


Foods to avoid if you have erectile dysfunction

To regulate erectile dysfunction, you should avoid foods rich in refined carbohydrates (chocolate, fruit juices, cake, sugar, carbonated beverages), processed foods, and foods high in preservatives (packaged snacks, ready-to-eat meals, salami, ham, sauces, jam, and so on). Your diet should instead be high in all vital elements. For greater control and strength, include all food categories in your diet, such as whole grains, lentils, milk products, poultry, lean meat, nuts, and so on.

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