How to use Ventolin inhaler

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How do I take my first breath using a Ventolin inhaler?

You should try your Ventolin inhaler before using it for the first time to ensure that you only get the right dosage of medication when you use it. You must shake your nebulizer vigorously after removing the mouthpiece's cover to perform this test. Then, shoot it once into the air in a downward motion. Make sure not to discharge directly into the eyes. Spray the inhaler in this manner once or twice more. The inhaler will then be primed. When using your inhaler for the first time or after 14 days without using it, you should always fill it.

How to properly use a Ventolin inhaler

You should adhere to the steps in this manual to properly use your Ventolin inhaler:

·   Remove the mouthpiece's cover

·   Shake the inhaler vigorously while holding it erect

·   Relax and incline your head slightly

·   Put the device in your mouth, then seal your cheeks around it

·   Take a steady, deep breath in through your lips, squeeze the Ventolin canister tightly, and exhale one puff. Breathe gently still

·   After removing the inhaler from your lips, hold your breath for five seconds or so. With your nostrils, exhale

·   Reattach the cover

You should use your inhaler with the proper spacer if you have trouble inhaling or releasing your medicine. A breath-activated instrument, such as the Accuhaler, Turbohaler, or Autohaler, is an alternative. These inhaler substitutes are also perfect for people with wrist arthritis because it can be difficult to squeeze the inhaler.

As previously stated, individuals who have trouble taking their medicine can benefit from using a spacer. The amount of medication that will reach your lungs will increase if you use a spacer with your nebulizer. If you use a reliever inhaler to manage asthma episodes, you should also use a spacer. Additionally, corticosteroid inhalers are strongly advised because they reduce the risk of unpleasant side effects like mouth thrush and croaky speech.

How many times a day can you use a Ventolin inhaler?

When you are using a Ventolin inhaler, it is important that you do not overuse it. You should use Ventolin inhalers as and when you need them, using one or two puffs at a time. You should not use the inhaler more than four times in a 24-hour period. Doing this can result in some side effects.