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What Is The Best Oral Antibiotic for Acne?

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Acne can be persistent; it affects your confidence and self-esteem. Luckily, various medications are recommended to treat acne, and this blog guides you on the best antibiotic to clear your skin.

Oxytetracycline 250mg tablets are the best antibiotic for acne that works effectively, leaving you with clear, admirable skin. Why is oxytetracycline preferred to be the best antibiotic for acne?

In this blog, you will explore all the qualities that make oxytetracycline the best acne antibiotic.

The best antibiotic for acne and how it works

About Acne

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles in the skin are clogged with oil, scientifically known as sebum and dead skin cells. The following are some of the signs of acne, depending on the severity of your skin condition.

  • Blackheads: They occur as open, clogged pores
  • Pimples or pustles: They contain pus at their tips
  • Whiteheads: They occur as closed, clogged pores
  • Nodules: Large, painful lumps under the skin
  • Papules: Small, red, tender bumps
  • Cystic lesions: Painful pus-filled lumps are located under the skin
Recommended Acne Medications

Oxytetracycline  for acne

Key facts about the Oxytetracycline 250mg tablet.

  1. Suitable for adults aged 18 years to 65 years
  2. Available as a 250-mg tablet, it is best taken with a glass of water either 1 hour before food or 2 hours after food.
  3. Not preferable for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children under 12 years.
  4. It is prescribed to treat more severe cases of acne.

Acne can be persistent; however, oxytetracycline has been proven to be the strongest antibiotic for acne, with the ability to treat moderate to severe acne. Oxytetracycline works by killing or blocking the bacteria responsible for blocking pores or causing spots.

This bacteria, known as Propionibacterium acne, can produce more proteins responsible for bacteria reproduction. The propionibacterium acne feeds on the sebum produced by the sebaceous glands on the skin; it produces waste and fatty acids that irritate the sebaceous glands, causing them to be inflamed and develop spots.

How Oxytetracycline works for acne vulgaris?

Oxytetracycline stops the bacteria from making more proteins, growing, and spreading to the rest of the skin areas.

A lower number of bacteria on the skin leads to less inflammation and prevents the formation of new acne lesions.

To fully eliminate acne from your skin, you must complete an oxytetracycline course that takes a minimum of twelve weeks. For severe cases, a complete course can take up to 6 months or a 2-year treatment based on your skin response.

Why the oxytetracycline antibiotic for acne is preferable?

Oxytetracycline is the best medication for acne, as it is commonly prescribed to treat more severe cases of acne. It actively destroys the bacteria responsible for the spread of acne, leaving you with clear skin.

The pharmacist or qualified doctor examines the severity of your acne condition and determines the best oxytetracycline course for you.

How long dose it take to work?

The minimum course takes about 12 weeks, and if the symptoms persist, you can get 6 months to 2 years. Oxytetracycline is preferable since it is also offered as a long-term, effective course prescription, where you don't have to use a variety of medications for acne treatment.

How effective?

It works directly by targeting the core issues responsible for the infection. This proves that it's super effective, and you can get your skin clear with a short-term course.

Oxytetracycline has proven effective against redness and inflammation of the skin as compared to other acne treatment medications.

Redness and inflammation of the skin are some of the most visible signs of acne that lower your self-esteem, especially in public.

Oxytetracycline regulates the inflammation of the sebaceous glands and allows your skin to heal, hence boosting your confidence and self-esteem.

For the best result

Oxytetracycline is typically prescribed with Epiduo and Differin for acne treatment, ensuring total transformation of your skin by the end of the dosage.

What are the side effects of oxytetracycline?
  • Itchy skin rashes
  • Fever and chest pain
  • Swelling of the face and the tongue
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Headache
  • Visual problems such as blurred vision
  • Redness of the skin due to sunlight sensitivity
  • Gastric upsets such as irritation of the gullet, diarrhea, and difficulty swallowing
  • Pseudomembranous colitis
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Who shouldn't take the oxytetracycline antibiotic for acne?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to consult a doctor or a pharmacist before taking the oxytetracycline antibiotic since it can cause harm to the fetus or baby.

During the second and third trimesters, when the baby's organs, such as bones and the neural tube, are developing, oxytetracycline may accumulate in the baby's developing bones, affecting the baby's bone development. This results in giving birth to a baby with defects, a condition that mothers can prevent earlier.

Another reason why pregnant and nursing women shouldn't take oxytetracycline is that it causes baby milk teeth to be permanently stained or discolored and also prevents the enamel from forming properly.

Consulting a pharmacist or a doctor first will protect the life of your baby, and you will get better acne treatment recommendations.

If you are suffering from systematic lupus, severe kidney and liver problems, and are allergic to tetracycline drugs, you shouldn't take oxytetracycline tablets for acne.

How can i buy Oxytetracycline online in the UK?

Here at Ashcroft Pharmacy, you will get an Oxytetracycline 250mg tablet for acne treatment at an affordable price.

To order the oxytetracycline prescription for acne, fill out the online consultation form. Our qualified prescribers will verify your qualifications for the prescription and send your treatment the following day.


Oxytetracycline is the best antibiotic for acne and is recommended for a short or long course, depending on the severity of your acne condition.

Oxytetracycline 250mg tablets for acne wipe out acne for clear skin by killing the bacteria responsible for the production of fatty acids and proteins that irritate the sebaceous glands.

Qualified prescribers take you through the process of getting the best prescription by answering a few questions before making an order.

It is a safe and authentic method where you get the right medication at the right time without spending your energy visiting a hospital.

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