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Aldara 5% Cream

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  • Medication features

    Aldara, also known as imiquimod, is a prescription-only topical cream prescribed for treating genital warts. It's effective for smaller, soft warts, but can also be used for larger ones.

    • Modifies the immune response
    • NOT recommended for children under 12
    • 12 sachets
    • Applied 3 times a week
    • Available in cream and solution form
    • Do not use Aldara for more than 16 weeks at a time.
    • Aldara Substitute: Warticon cream, Warticon Solution
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    • Aldara Patient leaflet


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Aldara (Imiquimod) 5% Cream for Genital Warts

Aldara 5% Cream is an imiquimod (immunomodulator)-containing topical medication that works as an immune response modifier (modifies the immune response).

Aldara Cream is prescribed for genital warts and external anal warts around the anus. It's effective for all types of warts, even those difficult to touch. These are caused by a virus (HPV) and can spread through skin-to-skin contact.

Imiquimod or Aldara cream also used for:

✅ Actinic keratosis: Also known as solar keratosis, are dry, scaly patches of sun-damaged skin, mainly affecting the face and scalp due to excessive sun exposure
Basal cell carcinoma: A type of skin cancer that usually isn't serious if detected early.

How does Aldara cream work?

Imiquimod doesn't directly attack the problem itself. Instead, it triggers your immune system to recognize and fight off the abnormal cells or viruses causing the skin condition.

Aldara 5% Cream, with imiquimod, boosts our body's defenses against skin problems. It activates immune cells that signal for more defenders to target the issue: for warts, it fights the virus; for actinic keratosis, it removes abnormal cells; for basal cell carcinoma, it attacks cancer cells or helps eliminate tumors.

How effective is Aldara in treating genital warts?

Genital warts, caused by HPV or human papillomavirus, mainly spread through skin contact, like during sex. Aldara Cream boosts our body's defenses by triggering the production of chemicals (called cytokines) that stop the virus from spreading and reduce abnormal cell growth.

Imiquimod, the active ingredient in Aldara, signals our immune system to attack and kill viruses, preventing HPV from multiplying. When Aldara clears HPV types 6 & 11, genital warts should vanish, and they're less likely to come back.

How to use Aldara Cream to treat warts?

Each box contains 12 sachets, providing a 28-day (four-week) treatment to be used three times a week. The active ingredient is typically gentle on the skin, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin.

However, individuals with autoimmune disorders may need to consider alternative treatments.

You are recommended to use Aldara cream 3 times a week, skipping a day in between applications. Below is a step-by-step process on how to use Aldara cream

✅ Begin by cleaning your hands with soap and water 
✅ Clean the area of treatment with soap and water
✅ Dry the area of treatment with a soft towel gently
✅ Pick the Aldara sachet and squeeze Aldara cream on your fingertip
✅ Apply a thin layer of the cream on the area of treatment
✅ Rub the cream gently on the area with warts
✅ Rub until all the cream is fully absorbed in the area of treatment 

⚠️ Avoid contact with the eyes, lips, and nostrils when using the cream. Remember to wash your hands before and after applying the cream to prevent any unintentional contact with sensitive areas.

You should allow the Aldara cream to stay in the area of treatment for 6 to 10 hours. After the first 6 hours, you can shower or take a bath.

If you are a man suffering from genital warts, underneath your foreskin, ensure to pull backward to wash the area of treatment every day comfortably.

Aldara alternatives 

Genital warts can be treated using other alternative treatments. If Aldara 5% cream is not working for you you can choose other medications such as:

Warticon cream 

Warticon Cream contains an active ingredient known as podophyllotoxin that kills the virus-causing genital warts. Warticon is highly effective, within 4 to 5 weeks the warts will fully disappear.

Warticon can be applied externally, however, you should not apply Wartcon around the anus or internally. You should apply Warticon 3 days a week after every 12 hours.

Warticon solution|Genital warts treatment 

Warticon Solution | Genital Warts Treatment is a topical treatment that kills virus-causing genital warts. Warticon solution is effective for men to treat their genital warts.


Condyline is a topical cutaneous solution that contains podophyllotoxin as its active ingredient. Condyline works by getting into the cells of the affected area and dividing gentle warts cells.

Dividing the cells enhances healthy skin that replaces the genital warts. To get the effectiveness of Condyline treatment, use it at the early stages of genital warts. Condyline works effectively on small sizes of genital warts.

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RoleSuperintendent Pharmacist
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⚠️ Before using imiquimod:


✅ Inform your doctor or pharmacist about any allergies you have.
✅ Share your medical history, especially recent skin surgeries or immune system problems.
✅ Be extra careful of sun light while using this medication.
✅ Use barrier protections during sexual activity to reduce the risk of spreading HPV.
✅ Use imiquimod during pregnancy only if necessary and under medical supervision.


❌ Avoid sexual contact while the cream is on the skin to prevent weakening of barrier protections.
❌ DO NOT use Aldara cream on skin that is still healing from surgery or drug treatment.
❌ This treatment is not recommended for individuals with autoimmune disorders (Dermatomyositis,
Graves disease).

If you have sex while using Aldara, apply it after intercourse. Remember to wash it off before using condoms or diaphragms to prevent damage to them.

Consult your doctor before breastfeeding while using this medication, as it's unclear if it passes into breast milk. Understand that imiquimod helps eliminate warts caused by HPV, but it doesn't cure the virus itself.


Aldara Dosage:

Take Aldara cream as prescribed by your doctor. This medication is taken 3 times a week, for example, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You should continue applying the treatment until genital warts disappear completely.

  • Frequency: Applied 3 times per week (e.g., Monday, Wednesday, Saturday)
  • When: Before bedtime
  • Duration of application: Left on the skin for 6 to 10 hours
  • Washing: Wash the area with mild soap and water after removing the cream
  • Treatment length: Continued until warts clear or for a maximum of 16 weeks


⚠️ Aldara warnings

Inform your doctor whether you are pregnant, planning to be pregnant, or think that you are pregnant before using Aldara treatment. Breastfeeding women should not use Aldara treatment.


  • How long does it take for Aldara cream to work?

    The duration of time depends on the individual. To some warts can clear within 8 weeks while to others it clears within 12 weeks.

  • Can Aldara cream cause more warts?

    You can find new warts while still using Aldara cream. It is recommended that you use protective measures to avoid spreading the disease to other people.

  • Where can I buy Aldara cream online?

    You can buy Aldara cream in the UK through our UK registered online pharmacy. All you need is to visit Ashcroft Pharmacy and, fill in an assessment test that helps our pharmacist verify the right treatment for your condition.

  • When should I stop using Aldara cream?

    You should use Aldara cream continuously until the warts are over. Ensure to complete your entire dose as recommended by your pharmacist.

  • Can I buy Aldara cream over the counter?

    No, you can't buy Aldara cream over the counter. Aldara is sold as a prescription treatment, whereby the doctor assesses your condition and prescribes the right dose for you.

  • When should I not use Aldara cream?

    You should not use Aldara cream over 16 weeks. If the treatment is not working for you after 16 weeks, inform your doctor so that you can get an Aldara alternative treatment.

  • Can aldara cream weeken condom?

    Aldara cream can weaken condoms and diaphragms. You are recommended to clean off the cream before using contraceptives. 

  • How does Aldara work?

    Aldara cream works by activating your body’s defense system to remove HPV responsible for causing genital warts.

  • What should you do if you miss a dose?

    Wait until the next night to apply it and continue with regular scheduled doses.

  • What precaution should be taken if the medication is accidentally frozen?

    Discard any medication that has been frozen.

  • Can you flush the medication down the toilet?

    Do not flush medications down the toilet unless instructed to do so.

  • How often should I apply imiquimod for genital/anal warts?

    Apply imiquimod three times a week for four weeks or as directed by your doctor for genital/anal warts.

  • How long do genital warts last?

    Genital warts can go away naturally: Without treatment, about 20-30% of people with genital warts see them disappear within 6 months.

    Most clear within 2 years: Around 75-80% of people with HPV will clear the infection within 18-24 months, leading to the disappearance of warts.

    Treatment can help: Using Aldara cream or other treatments can speed up the clearance of genital warts compared to waiting for them to resolve on their own.

  • What does genital warts look like?

    Genital warts typically appear as small, flesh-colored bumps or growths in the genital or anal area. They can vary in size and may have a cauliflower-like or smooth surface.

    In some cases, they may cluster together to form larger warts. These warts can cause itching, discomfort, or bleeding, especially during sexual activity.

    If you experience any unusual bumps or growths in the genital or anal area, it's need to see a dermatologist for evaluation and diagnosis.

    Images of genital wart

  • How can I eliminate a wart on my private parts?

    Normally, over 90% of the time, warts clear up on their own with time, but treatment can help speed up the process. Common treatments include Condyline solution, Warticon cream, and Aldara cream, which contain ingredients to destroy wart cells.

    Alternatively, cryotherapy or freezing, performed by a healthcare professional usually once a week for four weeks, is another option.

    It's important to note that wart treatment efficacy varies, and not all treatments may work for everyone."

  • What might be confused with genital warts?

    Genital warts might be mistaken for various conditions, including skin tags, sores, or ulcers. The NHS page referenced provides additional information on conditions that could be confused with genital warts. For more details on other sexual health issues, you can also check out the NHS page mentioned.

  • Should genital warts be covered?

    Genital warts or treated areas shouldn't be covered with dressings or bandages during treatment. Each sachet contains enough cream for a wart area of about 20 cm2 (approximately 3 square inches).

    After one application, including any leftover cream, the sachet should be discarded. Use a new sachet for each day of treatment.

Side Effects

Aldara side effects

Aldara cream causes side effects just like other medicines. Some people do not experience the side effects since the treatment reacts differently to various patients.

Treatment area reactions:

Treatment area reactions can include redness, swelling, itching, burning, pain, thickening of the skin, peeling, flaking, scabbing, crustiness, or clear fluid leakage. Skin discoloration in the treated area may also happen and persist. If any of these effects worsen or persist, notify your doctor or pharmacist promptly.

The following are the side effects of Aldara cream. Remember to seek medical advice if the symptoms persist.

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Back pain
  • Chest pain
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Diarrhea

Rare side effects

  • Flu like symptomps: Tiredness, muscle pain, stuffy/runny nose, cough
  • Hives
  • Uncomfortable itching
  • Difficulty in breathing 
  • Inflammation of the feet, throat, and tongue
  • Burning sensation 

This list may not cover all potential side effects. If you experience any other effects not mentioned here, it's important to inform your doctor or pharmacist. For full list of Aldara side effects read the Patient leaflet

Your doctor prescribed this medication because they think its benefits are greater than the risk of side effects. Most people don't have serious side effects, but if you notice anything unusual, tell your doctor.


The product provides a four-week treatment course, with each pack containing 12 sachets to be used three times a week.

Its active ingredient (imiquimod) is usually gentle on sensitive skin, unlike other harsh wart removal methods. However, it's important to note that if you have an autoimmune disorder, this treatment might not be suitable for you.

Type of medicineImmunomodulatory agent
Main ingredientImiquimod
Works within8 weeks (in most cases)
Pack size12 sachets
Dose strength250 mg
ManufacturerMeda Pharmaceuticals
Use with alcohol No known cases
Pregnancy and BreastfeedingYour doctor will advise on Aldara cream in pregnancy. It's unclear if it affects humans, so don't breastfeed while using it.
SuitabilityAvoid Aldara Cream if you're allergic to imiquimod or any listed ingredients.



Aldara ingredients

Active ingredient:

Imiquimod (5%) - This is the key component that works against the virus causing warts.

Inactive ingredients: These ingredients help the cream function properly and maintain its stability. They include:

  • Fatty alcohols (isostearic acid, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, white soft paraffin): These provide structure and consistency to the cream.
  • Solvents (polysorbate 60): These help dissolve other ingredients and keep them mixed evenly.
  • Emulsifiers (sorbitan stearate): These help water and oil-based ingredients mix together.
  • Moisturizer (glycerol): This helps keep the skin hydrated.
  • Preservatives (methyl hydroxybenzoate, propyl hydroxybenzoate): These prevent bacterial growth in the cream.
  • Thickener (xanthan gum): This helps give the cream a thicker consistency.
  • Solvent (purified water): This dissolves other ingredients and helps form the base of the cream.


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