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NHS Prescriptions

NHS Services

As we are a distancing selling pharmacy, in addition to providing online consultations with prescribers, we also offer full NHS pharmacy services, including dispensing prescriptions, promoting health lifestyle choices and providing help in finding other important services.

PLEASE NOTE: Ashcroft Pharmacy should not be used in emergency situations. If you believe the situation you are dealing with is an emergency, please dial 999 or alternative local medical assistance. Alternatively, you can reach NHS direct by dialing 111.

Dispensing prescriptions

If you would like Ashcroft Pharmacy to look after the dispensing and delivery of your prescriptions, you can sign up by giving us a call at 01274 735716 or fill out the form. We accept dispensing prescriptions sent to us by post, or you can sign up to our EPS prescription service (if your GP prescribes through EPS) and we can automatically receive your prescriptions and deliver them out to you.

To learn more about NHS electronic prescriptions please click here

To see more on the NHS services we provide you can also visit the NHS choices website, or please look at our Practice Leaflet here.